5 things about trans women in Spain !

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    If you are dating a transgender woman online or a transgender woman in Madrid, know that she may have had negative experiences with people she has dated in the past. Indeed, a lot of people don’t give them the respect they deserve.

    Even if you are attracted to her, chances are you are not treating her the way you should. If you want to be different, there are 5 things you should know about a trans woman in Spain.

    She Fears Rejection Just as Much as You Do

    People naturally crave emotional connection with others. And the fear of being rejected by someone you like can take a toll on even the best of us. Some trans women fear that people will not accept them for who they are. So they would rather not commit fully out of fear of being disappointed.

    She Isn’t Defined by Being Trans

    Even if she said she was transgender on the first date, remember that it doesn’t define her. Instead of making false assumptions, let’s go beyond her transgender existence and find out who she really is.

    A trans woman would typically tell you she is trans. This is not meant to push you away or convey a hidden message but to say, “hey this is who I am.” Get to know her, connect with her on a deeper level and you will get a better understanding of who she is.

    Online Sex Shouldn’t Be Your Study Guide

    Trans women face obstacles in the form of discrimination in the labor market. As a result, many have to live in poverty. For this reason, many transgender women seek employment in the sex and adult film industries. Moreover, when it comes to heterosexuals, it becomes a “top seller” especially in the “shemale” category. However, for the most part, we know that porn and sex movies are unreal.

    So behaving with her like you have seen portrayed in porn movies would actually be disrespectful. Better still, communicate with her, and find out what she likes and dislikes instead of going to such sites to know about trans women. You should always learn how to treat transgender women with respect instead of stigmatizing them.

    Talk About Normal Date Things

    The fact that she’s a trans woman doesn’t mean she wouldn’t want what other women want. You should try to find out those things that are more likely to appeal to her. Talking about normal things like a date on the beach, at the movies, and at a fancy restaurant could be aesthetically appealing to her.

    When on such dates, ask her if she’s having a good time and talk about things like her favorite food or color, what music she prefers and so much more.

    Don’t Expect Her to Jump into Bed With You

    Unfortunately, when trans women are mentioned in society, the first thing to come to mind is sex. This is because the whole idea of trans sexuality has been misinterpreted and sexualized. This is why many men who go after trans women do it for the thrill of the experience.

    It is important you know that not every trans woman you meet wants to have sex with you immediately. Many long for a deeper and intimate commitment.

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